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The ONE Taekwondo Center The ONE Taekwondo Testimonial

The ONE Taekwondo Testimonial

The ONE Taekwondo Center Leigh P.

My daughter has been attending classes at The One since we moved to town in 2015. She has gained so much confidence and strength thanks to Master Kim. He has given her a great love for TKD. She’s also made some great friends there.

Leigh P.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Kevin T.

We have been very pleased with our experience at The One Tae Kwon Do. We have seen our child grow in discipline and respect in the short few months we've been attending. We highly recommend Master Kim and the wonderful instructors there!

Kevin T.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Michelle S.

I tell anyone who will listen how much we love The One Taekwondo Center and Master Kim. My son started in Little Tigers and has been taking classes for over two years now, as well as, participating in the after-school program and camps. He has grown in so many ways and we are appreciative of the structure and discipline that the martial arts have provided. The One Taekwondo Center is like an extended family!

Michelle S.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Amy A.

We love The One TKD family. Best birthday party ever! Excited for the bigger space! Black Belt testing was excellent Saturday!

Amy A.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Esteban D.

We love Master Kim and what he has done for our son! I highly recommend his school! Family classes are also very fun!!

Esteban D.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Emma T.

Master Kim and his team of instructors are the best! My grandsons have been going for a year, and I cannot begin to say what a positive experience this has been for them. They've learned so much more than martial arts from the best role models. Highly recommend!

Emma T.

The ONE Taekwondo Center John H.

Master Kim is great with the kids. So much improvement in motor skills, coordination, and confidence. It is almost like an active form of etiquette and discipline. Rewards for good behavior at home and accomplishments in class help mold these kids.

John H.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Zac C.

I, my son, and my daughter all go and Master Kim is an excellent instructor. He is patient and works individually with each person to make sure they grasp the techniques. He is also high energy and works to make sure each student is engaged and excited too. Not only are we learning respect and Taekwondo, we're also getting great workouts each class too! It's a great school and anyone looking to start or continue their martial arts education should come check out Master Kim's School! 

Zac C.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Heather K.

I can not say enough about The ONE TKD, Master Kim, and the entire family of students and instructors. As an adult returning to the sport I have found nothing but encouragement and support in the well-structured curriculum. It is a wonderful school for all ages; I highly recommend The ONE.

Heather K.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Linda B.

My Grandson, Ashton,  has achieved his Blue Belt in Taekwondo.  Master Kim is a Great Teacher and has helped Ashton in more ways than the Taekwondo.  He is learning to try to do good things so he doesn't get anything bad written in his book.  He is much more respectful and wants to do things for you !!   He looks forward to going and learning more about the technics.  It gets better as the belts go forward. 
Chelsea and Eli, who help him with activities and such are such Great People and good with the children.
I would not hesitate to refer anyone to take their child to this facility.

Linda B.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Jon F.

The instructors are top notch. They work tirelessly to see their students improve. They are committed to their craft and their master. Master Kim is an excellent teacher, leader, and example for all of his students… And some of the parents.

Jon F.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Billy W.

We are very fortunate to have Master Kim in our community. He gives of himself for both children and adults success. His teachings go beyond the martial arts. Mind, Body, And soul. 

Billy W.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Becky C.

Absolutely the best!! Master Kim is great! My kids love it there so much! Everyone, staff and classmates, are like one big family!!

Becky C.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Andrew S.

Absolutely awesome studio for tae kwon do. Our son is 4 almost 5 and this is the first group lesson and or sport he has done. We decided to try our son here because of the reviews and have been so impressed we decided to continue him here. Master Kim is GREAT with the kids. I know there are many places for children to take martial arts but you must try this place first. As a parent I can promise you will feel extreme satisfaction with your child learning from Master Kim! Would've given more stars if possible!!!

Andrew S.

The ONE Taekwondo Center April D.

My son has been going here for a few months. His attitude and focus have improved. We love this place. The staff and the instructors are wonderful!

April D.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Evory T.

I am purple belt it is a great way to get exercise and lots of fun!!

Evory T.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Sunny G.

The best martial arts in Ga! Hardcore Korean traditional Taekwondo! I love Master Kim and all Instructors.Not just business, They are all caring their students and families. Thank you so much for all support. Love Y'all!

Sunny G.

The ONE Taekwondo Center Tia P.

Master Kim is the best! An amazing curriculum that shows discipline, leadership, and respect!

Tia P.

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