Family Taekwondo Classes in Woodstock

Family Fitness Through Taekwondo in Woodstock

Are you looking for a unique bonding activity for your family? Do you want to spend your time creating positive personal growth, instilling important values in your children, and connecting with members of your community?

Join us in Woodstock for a Family Martial Arts program that will do all that and more! We use the principles of Taekwondo to develop total-body fitness for our adult members and help kids develop flexibility, strength, quick reflexes, and motor skills. Our team of professional instructors at The ONE Taekwondo Center will help your family have a great time enjoying an exciting, high-energy activity that has a wealth of benefits.

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Family Martial Arts Is Dynamic, Engaging, and Fun!

Throughout each class, our Family Martial Arts program focuses on activities that are both fun and accessible to people of any age, ability, or fitness level. So no matter if this is your first time stepping into a martial arts studio or if you're just looking for a new way to challenge yourself alongside the people you love most, The ONE Taekwondo Center has everything you need.

Our mission is to help families across Woodstock enjoy a commitment to our fundamental values of family, respect, and dedication, and to build robust fitness and have fun at the same time. Isn't it time you spent some quality time with your family along with other members of your community?

Join us for Family Martial Arts classes and benefit from:
  • Forming tight-knit family bonds as you forge a shared passion
  • Building a strong foundation of health & wellness for the whole family
  • Learning practical self-defense skills that will help you throughout life
  • Connecting with new friends, mentors, & community members from around Woodstock

Our Family Martial Arts Program Is Designed To Suit Your Needs

Hit the mats and take on as much instruction as you feel comfortable with. Help your child learn fun rolls, cool grappling techniques, and get all the credit! The ONE Taekwondo Center is here to help create stronger families in the Woodstock community, and that means we're willing to work with you to help curate a fitness experience that's right for you. Discover why Taekwondo is the world's fastest-growing martial art and why we're our community's first choice for martial arts training.

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